About Us

We are an international boutique law firm that specializes solely in the entertainment industry and intellectual property fields. Entertainment is our background – our DNA – and whether you’re an up-and-coming talent or well-established creative, we’re committed to achieving your goals and dreams alongside you.

The entertainment landscape is dynamic. Emerging tech is reshaping business models: creating exciting new ways to produce and consume content. Our means to connect to your passion gets us on the same page, which is exactly where we want to be. Not only does it make the experience nicer for everyone, but lets us better identify, and meet your immediate and future needs in today’s ever-evolving market. After all, entertainment is a business and understanding yours is how we facilitate your creative opportunities. This gives you the confidence and empowerment to go forth, knowing you always have legal backing, from the arena to the boardroom and, when needed, all the way to the court.

It’s our aim to be your go-to firm for everything you need to build your brand. To offer you consistent representation where our experience, connections and hands-on knowledge put you in the lead for whatever comes next.

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